Healthy hacks to help you enjoy pastries more often

Posted on: 31 July 2015

Pastries are utterly delicious, especially when they are just made and use fresh ingredients. However, for some people with specific health issues, pastries may be suggested as a treat to stay away from. Here are some tips to finding pastries you can eat regardless of health condition.

Staying away from cholesterol? Try vegan treats

If you have high cholesterol, you may have been advised to stay away from foods that contain large amounts of animal fat. Pastries tend to be chock full of butter so not eating them is a relatively easy to way to cut back on the consumption of animal fats. However, vegan treats made with olive oil and similar plant-based oils can be just as tasty, and they won't have any animal fats to worry you. Try asking for a vegan pastry next time you are at the bakery and you may be surprised with how delicious the pastry you receive is!

Staying away from sugars? Try cheesecakes

Pastries with fine refined flours and sweet toppings can be off limits for diabetics and others who manage their sugars. Instead try and head for some of the cheesecakes and nut-filled treats which take longer to digest and have a lower glycaemic index as a result. Try asking your bakery if they make any diabetic-friendly cheesecakes or pastries based on nut meal (flour made from ground nuts) to experiment with the tastiest options. Sugar substitutes also are getting more effective, and as more people give up sugars in general, there is a greater range of sugar-free options available at the bakery.

Staying away from gluten? Try chewy macarons

Whether you are a celiac or just find that you do better without gluten, this doesn't need to spell the end of trips to the bakery. Options include fruit crumbles and tasty macarons which taste delicately sweet and have a tasty texture. There are a multitude of gluten-free recipes, from flourless chocolate cake and red velvet cakes through to cookies and croissants, so it's a matter of making sure your bakery knows you still want to be able to buy from them if you do need to go gluten-free!

No matter what your health and dietary restrictions, you may be astounded at how well your local bakery has been able to modify their traditional pastries with healthy hacks. Pastries are an accessible snack for anyone no matter what diet they maintain.


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