• Catering for a working breakfast

    It can be hard to find time to get everyone in your team together for a catchup, especially if people are very busy. A working breakfast can be a great time to catch u and chat and often people are happy to come into work a little earlier if they have the promise of a yummy breakfast waiting for them.  Here are some tips to help the breakfast turn out well.
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  • Healthy hacks to help you enjoy pastries more often

    Pastries are utterly delicious, especially when they are just made and use fresh ingredients. However, for some people with specific health issues, pastries may be suggested as a treat to stay away from. Here are some tips to finding pastries you can eat regardless of health condition. Staying away from cholesterol? Try vegan treats If you have high cholesterol, you may have been advised to stay away from foods that contain large amounts of animal fat.
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